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Our Story

After a month-long trip around Europe in 2014 we realized how inconsistent travel can be when staying in vacation rentals.  Our experience varied widely from rental to rental and from channel to channel, so we decided to do something about it.  Despite AirBnB's effort to make it "AirBnB Experience", there really isn't such thing and it is purely a myth in our opinion.  

We exist for the sole purpose of making travel with family and friends enjoyable and simple, and that requires predictable experience.  We invite you to stay with us in any of our locations and we have no doubt that you'll be visiting us again!


All of our homes are private homes (for families and groups of 1–10, depending on home size) with modern custom made furniture, designed for the home to be used optimally. Living areas have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will provide a relaxing environment for you and your co-travellers.



There's nothing more valuable than your own time and that's why we offer you one stop shop for all services you may need to have an incredible stay with us. The moment you arrive at, you can take advantage of several distinct services that make travel pleasant.



We use tech tools to create the best experience possible for our guests.  You will be promptly provided with all the information you need at your fingertips, exactly when you need it.  Our goal is to eliminate any guesswork, doubts, and to avoid any uncertainty about your travel.

Short-Term Rentals