Real Estate Partnerships

Our partners are owners of Magnetia homes with premium design, furnishings, and services. For more information, please visit Together, our ideas, projects, and events are helping build stronger, safer, and more vibrant vacation rental experiences. 


Why Work With Us?

Through our channel partnerships, we have built a distribution network with unparalleled access to travelers from across the world.  We provide our real estate partners with a reliable rental income stream while taking the challenges of property management, leasing, and guest relations off their plates.

Strong Unit Economics

We turn properties from passive investments into properties that produce substantial current cash-flow, providing financial resilience even in a down-side scenario.

Appreciation of Underlying Property

Our long-term, hospitality-driven approach is ideal for partners seeking long-term property appreciation without taking on the headaches of property management.

How to Work With Us


Introduce A Property

Already an Owner?

Existing property owners can apply to add a property they already own to our network. The subject property will need to be converted to one of the models available on

Or Want to Buy?

We have identified a number of sites that are ideal for our model. We will work with a purchaser to facilitate an acquisition, and renovate the project to our standards.


Agree On A Partnership Model

Management Agreement? will sign a management agreement for the entire property. This is great for partners who want a higher cash-on-cash yield and the opportunity to participate in the short-term rental model.

Or Master Lease? will sign a master lease for the entire property. This is great for partners who want a stable, fixed return on their asset.